“The Talk” for Parents

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The Importance of Talking to Your Kids about Sex


If you donai??i??t talk to your kids about sexai??i?? someone else will.

And you might not like what they say!

This will be a fun and informative session that addresses a common problem.
Many of todayai??i??s parents never got ai???the talkai??? from their parents, and they have no idea when, how, or what to say to their own kids.

It is important for parents to have medically accurate, rather than culturally accepted, information for their kids and to be able to effectively convey their moral convictions and hopes for future relationships.

This session will empower parents to have that important talk about sex with their kids. Parents will learn how to address sexual decisions with accurate information regarding the risks of sexual behaviors, reducing or preventing that risk, and how to convey your values effectively.


If you are a parent and are interested in participating, please contact us today!

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