After Abortion Care

Mending Hearts After Abortion

Although some claim that abortion does not negatively affect women and men, it has been our experience that some are affected physically, emotionally and spiritually by their abortion experience.


One woman, aged 65, came in to looking for help, hope and healing.  She shared that she had two abortions 45 years ago, and has cried herself to sleep every night since then.  She has never felt like she could discuss her struggle with others because the pro-choice people judged her for regretting her abortion and the pro-life people judged her for having an abortion.  She could not continue with such pain and asked for help.  That day was the beginning of healing for her.


Another day, a father who brought his daughter in for an ultrasound began to cry.  He shared that 21 years ago, he and his wife chose abortion because of financial reasons. Seeing his grandchild on the monitor confronted him with the truth that it was not “tissue” that they aborted, but a baby that was the same gestational age. This painful truth was the beginning of healing for him. This was the first time that he had talked about his long struggle.


It is because of women and men like these, that are realizing that the abortions they were involved in years ago still cause problems today.  Whether it is feelings of guilt, anger shame and worthlessness that some women deal with or the pain, guilt and anger with which many men deal, we offer confidential, compassionate care for those who are experiencing difficulty due to reproductive grief after abortion.


Offering truth with compassion to those who seek a safe place and a starting point for healing is the goal of after abortion care. Contact us today to talk to our caring staff.