Material Support

Material Services

Many people facing unplanned pregnancies face the challenges of providing for their baby, and this contributes to the feeling that they should choose abortion. Babies are expensive – they need diapers, formulas, a crib, clothes, a car seat, blankets and more. It’s even a challenge for those who were planning for a child.


We respond to this challenge by providing an opportunity for parents to lessen the stress and provide for their baby.  Parents participate by attending classes and doing other responsible things to earn “baby bucks” that can be redeemed in our Baby Boutique. They get paid for being on time, attending classes, completing learning exercises, attending school, working at a job, keeping doctor appointments, attending church, and other things that will empower and equip them as parents.  In addition to receiving material support, parents benefit from a consistent relationship with their mentor, with whom they always have a caring listener.


One mother writes, “I’ve learned so many valuable things to make better choices for myself and my kids!  I love how we are able to express our emotions during classes without judgment, and receive many positive outlooks and advice.  This is an overall learning experience that I won’t forget!  That I use daily.  Thank you.”


A father says, “[Heart to Heart] taught me to be a better parent… things that I would never learned anywhere else, like ways to discipline and good techniques to avoid making bad choices involving my son.”


The Baby Boutique is stocked with new or nearly new items donated by compassionate individuals that have a heart to ease the burden of those with unplanned pregnancies. Contact us to learn more about our parenting classes and Baby Boutique!