Relationships Under Construction

Sexual Risk Avoidance

We believe that relationships are important and seek to equip students with skills to build good relationships. The curriculum used is “Relationships Under Construction.” (RUC), which teaches students the blueprint for strong future families.



The program addresses character development, goal setting, how to recognize healthy and unhealthy relationships, and dating violence while exploring the issues of fatherhood, motherhood and healthy family formation.


RUC is a sexual risk avoidance curriculum. Consequences of early sexual activity including STI/STDs, teen pregnancies and emotional bonding, can impact future relations. RUC helps teens and parents understand why avoiding these risks is so important.


Values Embodied in RUC

  • We believe in the integrity of youth and their ability to make healthy decisions when equipped with the right information.
  • We believe in laying the foundation for a future that can include a healthy marriage and strong family relationships.
  • We acknowledge behaviors have consequences, so we encourage healthy decision-making, individual responsibility and relationship education.
  • We believe in the joy of sexual intimacy. We treat sexual intimacy with respect, understanding that it is best enjoyed in its perfect time and place within marriage.
  • We believe in respect for self and others.
  • We value life and believe in the pursuit of truth.
  • We believe that the whole person is composed of moral, physical, emotional, intellectual, and social elements.


RUC is available to schools, clubs, organizations and youth groups. Contact us today if you are interested in implementing this program in your organization.